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CT: I stand on the defensive side of the field, way in the back. With 28 [Adrian Peterson] in our backfield, playing at a high level, with the defense we have, Sam’s not gonna have to throw it 35 or 40 times every game. Before we played our last preseason game, Zim wasn’t too worried about the game. I talked to our ownership, and they said: “Be as aggressive as you have to be. Spielman: Zim [head coach Mike Zimmer] called off practice and had a team meeting, and then I called all our scouts together, and [assistant GM] George Paton, into a meeting. Besides all their jaws dropping to the floor and being sick to your stomach, absolutely sick to your stomach … I said to them: “This is what we’re getting paid to do, finding the best solution out of the worst-case scenario. • THE 53RD MAN: Tim Rohan looks at the edgy life of three bubble players as final cuts loomed Spielman: I made a bunch of calls. But there was blood in the water and teams knew it. But the worst-case scenario is Shaun comes in and runs the offense well and then Shaun gets hurt? And we could wait and see what comes off the waiver wire, but how significant is that player going to be?With the absence of Peterson, recent weeks have seen some more shotgun formations with variations in the run game, and added RPO’s (run pass options) to go along with some of the main staples of this offensive system that fit Bradford perfectly.Thought you were safe having your fantasy football draft a few days after Week 3 of the preseason?SP: I don’t like him to know this because I try not to compliment him, really, ever. Look, you get to the point where you’ve dated enough and you know yourself well enough. I think over time you kind of grow more and more numb to it. BS: You’ve been a studio co-host and sideline reporter for ESPN. SP: I wanted to be the local reporter for the Phoenix Suns.I knew what I was looking for, and I certainly knew what I wasn’t looking for. BS: Would you describe your courtship as whirlwind? At the same time, when it’s about your family, you feel different. I thought that would have been the greatest job ever. BS: What is the best story in college football right now?Minnesota is winning with a much-discussed Super Bowl-caliber defense, and some calculated and decisive play from Bradford, who is currently Pro Football Focus’ fourth-highest graded quarterback.

Saturday, a.m., two NFL general managers and good friends on the phone, trying to finish a trade. Neither Philadelphia’s Howie Roseman nor Minnesota’s Rick Spielman has had any of significance during the night, not since they’d last been on the phone five-and-a-half hours earlier. walking the dogs.” How long did it take to make the stunning deal of the year in pro football? That’s the time from the first phone call from Spielman, in his office in Eden Prairie, Minn., to Roseman, about to engage his three boys in some baseball pitch-and-catch in his yard in Pennsylvania, just before dinner at home Wednesday evening, to the time it got very real and Spielman offered Minnesota’s first-round pick Friday evening. And that’s what we’re going to do here.’ I got up on the white board, and we sorted out the scenarios—guys on the street we might want, guys who might get cut, guys on teams that might have enough depth that they’d consider dealing [a quarterback]. Then we all got to work watching tape, and I started making calls. We were working a couple of things, but when I asked [tight ends coach] Pat Shurmur, who’d coached Sam twice, he knew how smart he was and what a great addition he would be to our team and our locker room.Samantha, whose friends call her Sam, grew up in Phoenix and attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., where she was a sideline TV reporter for football and men’s and women’s basketball. SP: Oh, man, that’s a hard question because I feel like everybody has different perceptions, especially now with social media. I know some NFL quarterbacks, and I know what goes on. I’ve seen from the other side as someone working in that kind of industry what the temptations are and what a lot of these guys do and what that lifestyle can be like.After graduating in 2009, she landed with Fox Sports Net and Fox College Sports before joining ESPN’s Longhorn Network in July 2011. They have different ideas about who people are on TV or in sports. I really did realize from Day One this guy is different. Honestly, the reason I even responded to him on Twitter was I looked at his Twitter page and he didn’t follow any other women.(Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) Trading for former Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford has certainly paid off in a major way thus far for GM Rick Spielman, as the Vikings are off to a 5-0 start heading into the bye week.The move that sent a 2017 first-round pick and a 2018 fourth-round pick (that could become a third- or second-rounder, based on conditions) to Philadelphia in exchange for Bradford was a high price on paper, but owning one of the best rosters in the NFL, the Vikings knew the time to win was now.On the flip side, one of our favorite preseason RB sleepers, Spencer Ware, just keeps moving up.